Xbox and the “GTA mother” may be working on a big deal, rumors point

The latest rumors circulating about Microsoft’s acquisitions and deals are wilder than any we’ve seen so far, because they involve none other than Take-Two Interactive; owner of 2K Games and Rockstar Games, among others, and therefore mother of sagas such as Grand Theft Auto (GTA), BioShock, Borderlands or Red Dead Redemption. For a few days, several sources have suggested that the Microsoft and Take-Two could have a big deal in hand, which could even lead to a buy and sell operation. Even Jez Corden, editor-in-chief of Windows Central, commented on the rumors in his podcast.

“I heard several months ago from some trusted sources in the industry that the next big studio or big distributor to be acquired would be Take-Two. But that was a long time ago. Although, at the same time, a distributor like Take-Two took a long time to acquire. I don’t know, I don’t have evidence to support it.O.

While the economic aspect may be one of those that can reverse the sale, in reality it would be the least important. THE Take-Two Interactive “alone” is worth $18 billion, more than double the cost of Zenimax. A scandalous figure, but given that Microsoft was interested in buying Tik-Tok, valued at $50 billion, Take-Two’s price pales in comparison.

For Microsoft, a company with a value of over two trillion dollars, the 18 billion is “cheap”, so it would not be something totally improbable. We have seen several company acquisitions that exceed or approach this figure. It’s possible.

More difficulties present the fate of Take-Two Interactive’s IPs. As Corden comments in the podcast, Microsoft would own the GTA, which would be crazy both on the bureaucratic level and on the level of investor acceptance. Therefore, the deal, from a legal point of view, would present more difficulties than Bethesda’s. But what do you think?