Xbox Cloud Gaming implementation on consoles is being praised by Insider

Microsoft is betting all its chips on the cloud, and that’s not just on services like Windows or Office itself, but also on Xbox games. So, that’s where Cloud Gaming comes in, the ability to play games with just your internet connection, without having to buy a powerful PC or a new generation console. In this way, the company intends to attract more and more players.

Xbox Cloud Gaming is even being implemented on Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X consoles, and there can be many benefits of doing so. One was highly praised by Klobrille, a well-known insider who posts relevant information about Xbox Game Studios.

Klobrille said the following:

Xbox Cloud Gaming is implemented so well on Xbox consoles (alpha), it sometimes feels native.

I received an invitation to play Destiny 2, but I don’t have the game installed. When I accepted the invitation anyway, the game started in the cloud and brought me to the group in seconds.

That way, if you don’t have the game installed, but your friends invite you to play it, you enter the game right away and you can play with them without having to download and install the game! It’s really very practical how this technology is coming into our lives.