Xbox Cloud Gaming is already successful in Brazil and high demand can generate queues

Microsoft launched the beta version of Xbox Cloud Gaming in Brazil, previously we knew it as Project xCloud. The idea is that playing using only your internet connection, you don’t need a 5 thousand reais video game or a 20 thousand reais PC. Besides, you can even play on your cell phone, with or without controller… Result of that? It’s already a fever!

On social media the experience has been great and overall we’ve only seen positive comments that it really – and incredibly or magically – works.

To be aware, only Windows 10 has another billion users, imagine when Windows 11 arrives promoting this feature? Or when Microsoft launches on Smart TVs? It’s unimaginable and very democratic. People will be able to drop Freefire a bit to sample some AAA experiences.

Returning specifically to Brazil, Xbox Br gave the following note on Twitter:

The dimension was so big that even the head of Xbox Global, Catherine Gluckstein, sent a tweet in Portuguese about the case:

Okay Catherine just copied and pasted what Xbox Brazil said, but it is interesting to see that the leader of xCloud is very happy with the use of Xbox Cloud Gaming. Note that this technology tends to be even more saving in countries like ours where the purchasing power is not so great and in Asian countries that prefer smartphone games or portable consoles.

Note that the queuing problem is being solved according to Microsoft, so we must have patience that a lot of people are using. Microsoft will likely increase the number of servers for us. This weekend there’s a lot of Xbox stuff to play with, so let’s work on Microsoft.

What did you think? Wait in line?