Xbox: Compulsion expands and confirms work on a third-person game with new details

Compulsion Games, author of the We Happy Few studio and part of Microsoft’s Xbox Games Studios, confirmed who is working on a title in third person and that the development team practically doubled since the last project.

Earlier this week, well-known insider Klobrille, often a trusted and close insider to the Xbox world, claimed that the studio is currently working on a third-person action title with dark fantasy atmospheres.

As reported by the VGC, the description had already been partially confirmed by Naila Hadjas of Compulsion Games in an interview with Xbox Squad, where we also learned that the studio has practically doubled its staff and will continue to make titles out of the box.

We doubled the workforce and we are adapting to that change. The goal is expand our bizarre universe, keep making its mark on video games as a studio that likes to make unique titles, in little used environments. Our goal is to pursue our “legacy” while we remain true to ourselves. “

Hadjas claims that the new Compulsion Games project started a few months after the release of We Happy Few, which was released in 2018, and that it is precisely a third-person game with strong narrative elements, partially confirming the information suggested by Klobrille a few days. Thus, the game has been in development for three years. and may is very close to being revealed.

” With our new game, a third-person game focused on story and narrative, I don’t think we’re going to need feedback. It’s not like a roguelike, where you have to repeat the same sequences over and over again and need data to make sure the experience is fun. We Happy Few evolved a lot, at first it was a rogue and then we added a story because people loved the world, the characters, so we thought “ok, let’s make a game with an ending and a story”.

When asked when the new Compulsion Games title will be introduced, Nadjas laughed “I have no idea”. Given that development apparently started about three years ago, we’re confident we won’t have to wait long before an official reveal.