Xbox Control: The new “quick switch” feature between devices is great

Microsoft has updated the Xbox controllers firmware, adding a truly exceptional feature: the ability to swap the gaming device in real time, with the double tap of a button. This way you can switch between any Xbox and PC console and smartphone with incredible speed, as shown in the video below.

How it works? Controls now support Bluetooth Low Energy, which increases compatibility with all devices. After the firmware update, the controllers will have memory from a Bluetooth host (such as a smartphone) and an Xbox Wireless host (such as the Xbox Series X). This makes it possible to quickly switch between connected devices as shown in the video.

Even with this small innovation, Microsoft showed that it wants to continue to pursue its main objective, namely, versatility and total accessibility. The new firmware, however, not only does this, but reduces latency by wireless playback thanks to Dynamic Latency Input (DLI) technology. For now, the novelty is only available on the insider program, but soon it will be for everyone.