Xbox could be developing a cloud-centric MMO

Since the arrival of xCloud, Microsoft has been betting heavily on cloud games, becoming one of the best game streaming services today, ahead of tough competitors like Stadia, especially thanks to Microsoft’s fantastic catalog of services.

However, it appears that Redmond doesn’t want to get stuck with their service. A good example is the future arrival of xCloud to consoles, or the likely landing on televisions. However, it appears that the company has not only focused on expanding the service’s compatible devices, but that the Xbox could be developing a cloud-centric MMO.

The information is from Jez Corden, who in the podcast made with Rand al Thor 19 claimed to have information that Xbox could be developing an MMO focused on the cloud like main platform, without revealing more details about this possible new project. It would be a competitor to Amazon’s New World.

I know Microsoft is working with a studio in finland (or at least I heard they’re working with a studio there) called Mainframe to do native cloud games.

According to information from our colleagues at Games Radar, Mainframe is a studio formed by some veterans of the industry, whose goal is to develop games fully focused on the cloud. On their website, they guarantee they are working on a new native MMO on the cloud, hence the possibility that Xbox is working on it.

However, this is all still a mere rumor, so we’ll have to wait for official confirmation from one of the two involved to know for sure if Xbox is working on a cloud-centric MMO.

What do you think of the news?