Xbox Creator “I feared it was all over” with the launch of Xbox

We’ve been hearing a lot from Seamus Blackley, “Father of Xbox,” over the past few weeks to celebrate Xbox’s 20th Anniversary, and he mentioned on Twitter yesterday that he felt like Xbox One almost wiped out the brand entirely.

In response to a comment about the documentary Power On: The Story of Xbox, Blackley (who was a key member of the team behind the first Xbox) revealed that “there was a moment, at the launch of the Xbox One, where I feared it would end“.

Much has been said about the issues with the Xbox One launch in 2013, which eventually led to Xbox boss Don Mattrick to leave Microsoft, and current boss Phil Spencer to take his place. In the Power On documentary, Mattrick admitted that “ [desejava] that I had the opportunity to stay to execute the vision [do Xbox One] “.

Undoubtedly, Sony’s PlayStation 4 had a better generation in terms of sales compared to the Xbox One, but thanks to Phil Spencer and his team, Microsoft has finally managed to turn Xbox’s fortunes around and prevent the brand from being completely destroyed. . Spencer highlighted in 2020 that it was ” the biggest challenge I had in my career “.

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