Xbox exclusive game in development by Compulsion has leaked art and details

Compulsion Games is taking a long time to show its new game, and with that it starts to give loopholes so that details start to be leaked. Well, we have reliable information from Windows Central so it’s very likely that this is true, but still take this news as a rumor.

Granted, Xbox has already announced several games, so it can afford to hide what Compulsion is up to. Hey, but we’re just too curious, and we’re going to want to jump in line to see what this project can offer us. The studio is mainly known for We Happy Few, which, despite some gameplay issues, performed well in the art direction department. We Happy Few’s twisted vision of decaying Britain proved to be a truly intriguing concept and solidified Compulsion as a studio with a lot of potential.

Without further ado, I believe you have started to increase the hype for this game from now on. It so happens that, according to Jez Corden, the new game is codenamed Project Midnight, and obviously his final name will still be revealed at some future Microsoft event.

Midnight is supposed to be a game third-person action adventure set in a dark and fantastic world. You can check the concept art above which, according to Windows Central, is real from the game. We even see that a hero will be a beautiful young woman next to humanoid distorted similar to harpias which appears to have mutated (right side). On the left we can see what it looks like. harpy nest-style abodes built on top of a tree.

What would be the inspirations for Midnight? well it is described as a tale of “mature” inspired no Deep South of America. It’s expected that magical and fantastic monsters arise during the adventure and that there is a strong vibration “Southern Gothic”. he will have a strong story, at least according to the rumors, and can only be played by single player – totalmente single-player.

It’s not known when it will be released, we may have an official announcement within the next two years, but that’s just speculation. Maybe announced in 2022 and be released in 2023 or another year. Jez Corden says it all depends on the game’s ambitions, if they increase, development time increases with it.

What did you think of this Compulsion project?