Xbox Game Pass: 2021 games were worth over R$36,000

According to a calculation by The Loadout, the Xbox Game Pass games made available by Microsoft throughout 2021 were worth a total of more than 5,600 euros or more than 36 thousand reais, calculating both the additions for PC and consoles. This value was calculated using the base price of each game in the Microsoft Store as a reference.

The month he offered the most in value was March 2021. The Xbox Game Pass did indeed see the arrival of around two dozen Bethesda games: during that month, the value of added games exceeded R$ 5,500.

THE worst month was april 2021, with a total of R$ 1,900. This means that, throughout the year, each month has always been worth R$1,900 or more. Considering that the total price of the monthly fee is BRL 29, it’s a bargain, if all players play all games, of course.

Speaking again of the Bethesda, the 30 games added to the Xbox Game Pass reached the value of BRL 3,500, or almost 10% of the 2021 games.

We emphasize that these values ​​refer to games aggregated in 2021, not those present in the service. The Xbox Game Pass also includes games from the last few years, so the full package is worth a lot more than that! Amazing right?

In addition, Microsoft not only continues to add quality games to the catalog, but it boosts sales with very interesting offers, for example, is giving 5 months free to some Gold subscribers.