Xbox Game Pass: 5 Months Free For Some Gold Subscribers, Here’s Microsoft’s Message

A message from Microsoft was shared via Reddit to select players on Xbox Live Gold, one of the company’s Redmond subscription services. The message informs you that the lucky one will have 5-month free Xbox Game Pass access. Also, using the free code, every remaining month of Gold are converted one by one in Game Pass.

As you can see in the image below, the message comes from Xbox. The person who posted this image confirms that everything is legit. As reported, some users are getting 5 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, while others are getting only the console version. Those selected are “All-Star Gold” users, an unofficial classification implying that Microsoft will select those it deems most deserving. Priority will likely go to long-time Gold subscribers. The code cannot be transferred to another user..

This is an extremely beneficial promotion, especially for those who still have several months of active Gold membership. Receiving five months of Xbox Game Pass plus converted ones allows you to play many games for a long time at no cost.

So pay attention to potential communications from Microsoft: you could also be selected for this Xbox Game Pass promotion.