Xbox Game Pass and Live Gold price drops in some countries

The price of the various multimedia services should change regularly. Recently, the giant Netflix, for example, raised its prices. In the gaming world, these fluctuations are less frequent, especially when it comes to causing a price drop, as it happened today.

In fact, Microsoft has just announced a drop in prices for its various subscriptions. This concerns Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Live Gold, Xbox Game Pass PC or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. are for the players of Hong Kong, Chile e Israel who may benefit from this fall highlighted on Twitter by Tom Warren.

Microsoft will lower the price of Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold in Hong Kong, Chile and Israel in October. Price adjustments are based on on local market conditions in each country and there is no indication that we will see them elsewhere. So, in Brazil, it wasn’t this time yet.

Below you will find a table comparing the new prices against the current prices. For example, the price of a one-year Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription in Chile drops from 143,990 CLP (approximately R$976) to 95,890 CLP (approximately R$647.00).

As the journalist points out, these price cuts are based on local market conditions, so don’t expect them to spread. And between us, it was pretty expensive over there.