Xbox Game Pass doesn’t decrease sales, it’s convenient for developers, says dev

Some time ago, Forbes published an article in which it wondered if the ‘Xbox Game Pass depressed game sales’. The reflection started with the physical sales of Hades in the UK, where the PlayStation version of the game sold 93% of the total physical copies against 7% for the Xbox. Many immediately took the opportunity to attack Microsoft’s service, guilty of killing the games it plays, according to them.

To answer what, excuse the term, is a partial and naive reflection, we wrote an article based on the indirect history of some developers of our knowledge, where we try to explain as clearly as possible how things work, to make clear how the current status of an independent developer going to the Xbox Game Pass has only positive aspects and no negative aspects. You simply sell the copies you don’t sell in the store to Microsoft, which guarantees you an advance that eliminates the risk of failure. Things may change in the future, but for now, that’s the way it is. So you’ll hardly find developers complaining about Xbox Games Pass, but if you look hard enough, will find many lined up to enter it.

Today, Johnny Galvatron, author of The Artful Escape, thought to further clarify the situation, which in an interview explained very well what are the advantages of an indie game being admitted to the Xbox Game Pass:

” I know what people say and I really have a hard time understanding who says it’s bad to be on the Game Pass. You have someone who is willing to give you money to be on their platform. they pay in advance, they help you with development, somehow it too help pay your debts. And that’s a good thing. It’s absolutely great for independent and small developers. “

” Now I don’t know how things can change when you’re a big company or already have lots of games on the Game Pass. But for us, who are still in our first game, being in the service means that many more people will get a chance to play, many more people will hear about it and that will help us too, depending on what we do next. In my current situation, I really I can’t see any downsides. Maybe in a few years I’ll be able to think differently, but today it’s cool and I’m super happy to be there. Entering the Game Pass, being selected by Microsoft, makes you feel special. “

Let’s summarize: a Microsoft gives you money upfront, eliminating business risk, helps you with development and marketing, and allows you to reach a potentially large audience that you would never have reached through sales alone. It’s hard to think of a brighter scenario for a developer. So why keep attacking this service?