Xbox Game Pass: Mass Effect Legendary Edition and seven more games are announced for early January

Microsoft started the year with some interesting news on Xbox Game Pass, and the first fortnight can already be marked by a game that was being much requested and speculated by rumors: Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

It’s the beginning of the month, early 2022, and that means the Xbox Game Pass should offer us its new games for January. Microsoft’s service has not failed us and here we have the new batch of games that will be joining during the first fortnight.

Along with the ones we got to know today and that are already available (The Pedestrian, Gorogoa and Olija), we’ve added five more games. The most relevant of these is the pack that contains the trilogy of Commander Sephard, one of the best galactic adventures in video game history. Here is the complete list:

Data Game Platform
January 6th Embr Console, PC, Cloud
January 6th Mass Effect Legendary Edition (EA Play) Console, PC
January 6th Outer Wilds Console, PC, Cloud
January 13 Spelunky 2 Console, PC
January 13 The Anacrusis (Game Preview) Console, PC

Don’t forget that three more games were added to the Xbox Game Pass earlier today in the form of Gorogoa, Olija and The Pedestrian, and all of them are available for download now on console and PC.

Additionally, seven games will come out of the Game Pass next week, with PUBG: Battlegrounds going free on January 12th, and the rest of the titles being removed on January 15th.