Xbox Game Pass: One Step From Eden Coming Soon to Subscribers

One Step From Eden, a strategic roguelike, will soon be available as part of the Xbox Game Pass subscription. Occasionally before Microsoft’s official announcements, the developer or publisher itself advances this possibility for their games and that’s exactly what happened here.

One Step From Eden is a mix of strategic deck building and real-time action with roguelike elements, where you decide whether your character leaves a path for free or a trail of destruction.

Fight alone or cooperatively and quickly cast powerful spells, face stronger and stronger enemies, and soon collect revolutionary artifacts with an Xbox Game Pass subscription.


  • cross gender: Experience a combination of strategy and real-time action. Build a deck and fight the storm of balls on your way to Eden.
  • extensive deck composition: Build your own deck and play however you like – there are over 200 spells and 100 game-changing items.
  • diverse gameplay: Nine playable characters and procedurally generated levels ensure that no race is the same and that you will never experience the same situation twice.
  • play with friends: Find your way to Eden in local co-op mode or compete with each other in local PvP mode.

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