Xbox Game Pass: these two games are new to subscribers

Two little gems appeared on the Xbox Game Pass via the cloud, console and PC today, in the form of Visage and The Procession to Calvary. None of them are new to Xbox, but that shouldn’t stop you from playing them, as they approach topics in very different but successful ways.

Visage is a haunted house horror game and we challenge you to play it for over half an hour. It follows suggestions from PT, the experimental game by Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro that was created to be set in the universe of Silent Hill. As you walk through the hallways, the house shifts and distorts around you, leaving you disoriented and wondering where you are at any given moment. And that’s where the ghosts start attacking you.

The second game released on Xbox Game Pass today is The Procession to Calvary. Very clearly inspired by the gonzo art of Terry Gilliam and Monty Python, you still manage to find a unique space for you. Cut and paste Renaissance paintings to create a fabulous collage, then encourage you to do some point and click adventures interspersed with fiendish puzzles. Then he accumulates lewd jokes and breaks the fourth wall.

If that doesn’t suit your taste buds, don’t worry, we still have a strong lineup coming in October, with Back 4 Blood hitting the cloud, console and PC on October 12th; Destiny 2: Beyond Light crashing on PC on October 12th; Ring of Pain and The Riftbreaker arriving on cloud, console and PC on October 14th, and The Good Life appearing on cloud, console and PC on October 15th. Keep an eye out for the day’s articles for them.