Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Now Offers 75 Days Free Crunchyroll Premium To Its Subscribers

Microsoft is increasingly betting on the Xbox Game Pass. The service doesn’t stop receiving support from all types and sectors, and if you thought that this was limited to games, you’re wrong. And it’s true that Game Pass is in its concept a gaming subscription, it also joins other services to provide additional benefits in its Ultimate version.

Because what Microsoft wants most is for you to be an Ultimate member, after all, it’s the subscription that pays off because it includes Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass. Ultimate members unlock perks, which are nothing more than perks for games like skins, maps and more.

This morning the Xbox Game Pass proved about an “orange” new addition to the service, and the account of the Crunchyroll interacted with that, which removed most of the doubts. Therefore, in an official press release, Microsoft announces that members of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will have Free access to Crunchyroll for 75 days.

On behalf of all of us on the Xbox Team, we hope you’ll enjoy access to Crunchyroll Premium through the Perks program this holiday season. We look forward to sharing more new games and perks available with Xbox Game Pass soon. Stay tuned for what’s next!

There is a catch, of course, and that is that you must be a new subscriber to Crunchyroll Premium to take advantage of this offer. It can be claimed through the Game Pass perk gallery on the console, PC or through the Xbox Game Pass mobile app, after which you will be directed to the Crunchyroll website to activate your subscription.

The deadline for using the promotion is February 8, 2022, so hurry up and claim your reward enjoying a vast catalog of animes.