Xbox Game Studios: Compulsion develops a dark third-person fantasy action game?

Compulsion Games, perhaps one of the most mysterious teams at Xbox Game Studios, has been working for some time on a new project about which almost nothing is known, but which according to one source would be a third person action game with one dark fantasy.

Even in this case, it’s an indiscretion that cannot be verified, so it should be taken simply as a hoax, but coming from Klobrille, an insider who has always been close to the Xbox and generally trusted, we can keep him in some regard, pending official information.

Compulsion Games is a Canadian team that started as an indie and was founded by Guillaume Provost, who previously worked with Arkane Studios and other teams, before launching his own studio. So far, Contrast and We Happy Few have been released under the label in question, the latter being released in 2018 as the team’s latest production.

Previously, it was revealed that Compulsion was working on a game on Unreal Engine 5, but there was no more details about it. The only reference is the funny teaser that appeared last May, but with practically no accurate information about the game, except perhaps a reference to Schrödinger’s cat, which would at least confirm the team’s willingness to continue developing titles a little out of the box .

Right now, we await any announcements from the team, as, three years after the release of We Happy Few, the right moment may have arrived.