Xbox Game Studios: Future acquisitions of new studios to expand portfolio for casual games

Phil Spencer, or as I like to call him Tito Phil, is perhaps the most important and beloved person in the entire Xbox environment. He put himself at the head of Microsoft’s video game division when it was needed most, managed to change its image and mindset and even, thanks to all that, many of us believe he was the one who saved it from a very likely death.

He’s been on the incessant quest for some time now. by new studios with which it seeks not only to expand its IPs, but also to constantly improve the Xbox Game Pass, an example of this is what happened with Ninja Theory, Playground Games, Double Fine, and more recently Bethesda. But it seems like it’s not all about getting the most niche or hardcore games, but our good friend Phil is interested in other things as well.

And thanks to the interview that the Bloomberg website was able to carry out during the Paley International Council Summit, Phil Spencer expressed his interest in this regard, stating the following:

“When I think about the types of genres generally associated with Xbox, yes we have Roblox, we have Minecraft, we have FIFA and Fortnite, but we want to keep investing in more social and casual titles that already exist

He also added that he is “very proud of the creators who have decided to join Xbox” and that he wants them “to be able to realize their creative ability as part of the team.”

Still, I don’t confirm specific plans about which casual game companies attracted your interest, but if your determination is as strong as when you decided to acquire Bethesda, we’ll probably know something about it in a few months. Which studio with creative games would you consider an acquisition?