Xbox Game Studios: id Software is working on an FPS for a long and iconic series

id Software is working on an action FPS based on a long and iconic series, according to recent job postings, which obviously makes us think about Doom Where Quake, which could unsurprisingly represent the next project of the development team specializing in shooter.

In particular, id Software is looking for a Senior Technical Animator, a Skybox Artist and an Ambient Concept Artist as open positions, with some additional details emerging from the job descriptions in question.

Apparently, candidates must work on “visualization and implementation of quality science fiction and fantasy environments and cabins triple A“. In this way, it will be a high-budget financial game.

The contemporary mention of science fiction and fantasy then returns among the characteristics required of candidates, who must have experience in “artistic styles of fantasy and science fiction“, thus suggesting scenarios that have to do with elements of both styles together.

In fact, Doom and Quake could fit such a description, although Quake is perhaps the closest to the classic fantasy of the two, in any case they are characteristics that seem to refer to both. The other element that emerges is the fact that it is a game belonging to a “long and iconic FPS action series”, another description that could apply to the two titles in question.

Considering that DOOM Eternal was released in 2020 and already has two high-caliber expansions, next-gen upgrades for PS5 and Xbox Series X, and now also the new Horde Mode update and other new features, you might be more inclined to think about the next one id Software’s game may be Quake, which has been missing for the longest time, in addition to the remastered version released for the 25th anniversary.