Xbox Game Studios: Infographic Shows All Projects In Progress, Even Activision Blizzard’s

XboxEra’s SoulsNinja has created an infographic that showcases all the projects in development at Xbox Game Studios, including the rumored ones. The most interesting part is also the inclusion of developers who report to the Activision Blizzard, which add a lot of meat to the fire.

More than anything else, this is a really convenient way to get a rundown of activity from Xbox’s now numerous first-party studios, which are often also hard to remember all of them. After all, we’re talking about more than thirty software houses, for more than fifty projects (only known ones), so we are facing numbers that are starting to become important.

Interestingly, the infographic also shows games as a service, that is, those already available but with ongoing support from developers. This is a great way to make people understand how broad the activity of certain realities is, beyond ads.

It must be said that putting Activision Blizzard at Microsoft now could be a gamble, as the operation has not yet been finalized. But it is still useful to have a complete picture of the situation.