Xbox Game Studios Publishing will announce something special tomorrow

Xbox Game Studios Publishing, a division of Microsoft relaunched last July and dedicated to publishing, announced on Twitter that tomorrow, October 18, 2021, will start something special, without, however, providing more details.

Many users have been clamoring for news about the Fable, which for Jeff Grubb won’t arrive until 2023, but those are misguided expectations, considering that the announcement will likely involve an external collaboration.

Not surprisingly, Xbox Game Studios Publishing’s Twitter biography reads: “We partner with world-class independent studios to create innovative Xbox franchises like Contraband, Microsoft Flight Simulator, Tell Me Why and more!”

“We are excited to announce that tomorrow we’re going to launch something special!”, says the post from Xbox Game Studios Publishing. “Just give us one more day to get the chickens ready.”

As “chickens” are a hallmark of the Fable franchise, many have started to assume it, but it’s likely to be something else. Will we see the unveiling of a new third-party game coming to Xbox? Or will we receive some more information about an already presented project, like the interesting Contraband by Avalanche Studios?