Xbox Game Studios: Summan Mirza entra para a Undead Labs

Microsoft has invested not only in buying new studios, but in strengthening them to create even better games with the full portfolio of one of the most economically powerful companies in the world. Undead Labs, creators of the popular zombie franchise State of Decay, has been expanded massively.

Recently, we learned that they created a second studio that could be for support or even create a new IP while State of Decay 3 is in development.

In addition, we now know that the studio has gained a strong boost with Summan Mirza who has just joined Undead Labs at its Orlando headquarters. State of Decay 3 will be a game “AAA” for the first time in franchise history and is also expected to use Unreal Engine 5, It’s really promising so much investment.

As can be seen from his own LinkedIn profile of Summan Mirza, the former EA employee, she had a new job as technical artist at Undead Labs Studios in Orlando since last December. It was unknown which project she was involved in as it could be State of Decay 3 or another game not yet announced.