Xbox Game Studios: The number of studios has skyrocketed in just five years

Xbox Game Studios passed from 6 to 32 teams within five years, confirming a very aggressive acquisition policy on the part of Microsoft: Benji-Sales pointed out on Twitter. However, honestly, there are many more studios than 32, but some are mobile and others are interconnected.

Yesterday we published the now substantial list of all teams first party from Xbox Game Studios following the acquisition of Activision Blizzard and indeed growth has been substantial over time, so much so that it is strange to think that in 2017 there were only six studios in the house from Redmond.

As Xbox users have long expected, in short, Microsoft is using its virtually infinite economic resources to enrich its portfolio of in-house development teams capable of creating experiences of great quality and depth.

On the one hand, this policy can be read as the awareness of not being able to really rival in the context of narrative productions based on a single player and Sony’s PlayStation shares are already falling.

On the other hand, Phil Spencer has been a true savior of the Xbox brand and has won over Microsoft to bet billions and billions of dollars on the brand. If before the pillars were Halo, Gears and Forza, now the Xbox brand goes far beyond that with countless IPs to explore.