Xbox Insiders Start Testing Xbox Series X|S Games on Xbox One

It was mentioned earlier this year that Microsoft would eventually provide access to Xbox Series X|S games on Xbox One through Xbox Cloud Gaming, and now the feature has started to be released for Insiders so that it works natively and you don’t have to go to Microsoft Edge.

Those who are subscribed to the Alpha and Alpha Skip-Ahead cycles should already be able to access this, which allows you to play specific next-gen games like The Medium in your Xbox One via xCloud.

Of course, there are some caveats with this, like the requirement for a strong and reliable internet connection for the best possible experience, and the feature obviously includes Xbox Game Pass titles only enabled for a cloud.

Without a doubt, though, this is a fantastic way to extend the life of Xbox One, eventually allowing all Xbox owners to experience certain new-gen exclusives, regardless of what console they own. We are assuming that the feature will be released for more Insider cycles very soon, with a public release expected in the coming weeks.

Happy about it? Have you had the chance to try it? Let us know in the comments below.

Update: It has just been reported that it is also available for Delta and Beta click insiders, meaning more members can test this feature to play Xbox Series X|S titles on Xbox One.