Xbox Insiders: Win + S Keyboard for Search and HDMI-CEC on Xbox One

As every month, the Xbox Insider program allows those who wish to test Xbox features in advance. Some are only available to certain categories, but others are available to everyone, like today.

Currently, there are more than 90 keyboard and mouse compatible console games on Xbox. And if you prefer to play this way, be aware that an Xbox update is available to all Xbox Insider members to make it easier to find in the console UI. As with a Windows PC, you only need to press the keys Win + S from keyboard to open too the search in the console.

Also new for Xbox Insider members on Xbox One this week is the ability to press the Xbox button on the controller to switch to the console’s dedicated TV channel. To enable this HDMI-CEC, go to console settings, go to standby and boot options, and select TV power options. You should then check “HDMI-CEC”. Also, be sure to enable the option on your TV.

These features will be available to everyone soon, likely in an Xbox update scheduled for November. It’s good to see that Microsoft keeps news even for Xbox One, console of the last generation.