Xbox is Publisher of the Year for GamesIndustry

Xbox is Editor of the Year by Christopher Dring of GamesIndustry, a well-known name in gaming journalism for his analysis of our industry in the UK. His reasons are pretty predictable: over the past six months, Xbox has released some great games, more than any other publisher in the industry. Basically, Xbox Game Studios hasn’t missed a beat.

Dring’s analysis is actually more complex than that. The journalist analyzes the state of Xbox from the Xbox One generation, to see how many of the 2021 releases are still new chapters of franchises already consolidated. What is lacking, for now, is confirmation of the value of the acquisitions made, which in most cases have not yet launched major titles (think of the Bethesda).

That said, there’s no doubt that Xbox has held its own in recent months, exercising its muscles with exclusives like Microsoft Flight Simulator, Age of Empires IV, Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite. Cross-platform games, or games released on rival platforms like Psychonauts 2 and Deathloop, have also proven to be excellent. Most of these titles have a Metacritic above 85, so to speak. However, a service like Xbox Game Pass has been greatly enriched, becoming more and more irresistible, thanks to truly exceptional curation.

O excellent result, however, is also a burden for the Xbox, which must demonstrate that it can keep the same level still in 2022, a year in which there will be much more competition, especially from Sony.