Xbox is working ‘every day’ to increase its Japanese game lineup

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has mentioned on several occasions how the company would like to beef up your japanese game offerings, and the subject was briefly raised again during the Tokyo Game Show live stream from Xbox.

During a chat with Shinji Mikami – founded by Japanese studio Tango Gameworks (a studio acquired in the Bethesda deal), Phil seized the moment as an opportunity to remind fans how Xbox is working with publishers in this place “every day” to help increase the lineup of Japanese games on the console:

Here’s your full commentary, courtesy of IGN:

“We are working with Japanese publishers every day to increase our lineup of Japanese games on Xbox. We know it’s very important for Xbox fans and customers.”

In June, Xbox revealed how this same region was also the “fastest growing market” for the company. According to Spencer, there were over 100 Japanese titles on the Game Pass and 200 Japanese titles that were part of the ID@Xbox program.

Phil also noted how Xbox also actively wants to help bring more Japanese-made games to other parts of the world:

“We are excited about the growth of the Japanese gaming market and we don’t just want to participate, but also to help bring Japanese games around the world.”

During its TGS broadcast yesterday, Xbox surprised Game Pass members with the release of Scarlet Nexus. After this event, the Xbox Series S became sales leader on Amazon Japan.

What do you think of Xbox’s ongoing commitment to Japan? Have you been playing Japanese games on Game Pass? Let us know in the comments.