Xbox Live doesn’t allow free speech on political issues, says Phil Spencer

Political polarity exists in various regions of the planet and that’s precisely what Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, answered during an interview. According to him, Xbox Live services do not exist to provide a free speech platform for politics.

Xbox Live online services are a platform for Discussion of interactive entertainment and games offered by Microsoft and its partners. It is not intended to be a free speech platform for politics, as Phil Spencer told the New York Times.

“We see all the positive and negative sides of human existence. We have people who have met and are getting married on Xbox Live. We also have conversations about politics and other things that happen. One of the things we said about our social network is that we are not a free expression platform. We are an interactive entertainment and video game platform. And we’re not there to allow all kinds of social discourse on our platform. That’s not why we exist.”

If you only want to use the platform for political activities, it won’t be easy, Spencer said. They don’t want to allow that kind of conversation.

“We are not there to allow any kind of conversation on our platform. It’s very difficult to come to Xbox Live and say, ‘Okay, I want to start a political party on the platform.’

“You can twist the tools and try to get there, but it’s not designed for general conversation or a community. It is really designed for a community around the interactive entertainment and games that run on our platform. And that’s how we invest.”

What do you think about it? Is Phil Spencer right?