Xbox: Microsoft Targets Strong Growth with Halo Infinite, Game Pass and Cloud on Consoles

Alongside the financial results released in the last few hours, Microsoft also said it expected strong growth of the Xbox division during the Christmas season, or between November and January, thanks to several concomitant factors such as the release of Halo Infinite and other titles. important on the Xbox Game Pass and the arrival of cloud games directly on consoles.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella took advantage of last quarter’s record growth, which, as we’ve seen, led to higher-than-expected gaming revenue, to announce likely further growth over the year-end holiday season, thanks above all to the news to come.

“We continue to attract new players and keep those who have entered the ecosystem in the last year and a half. We saw a record in the first fiscal quarter in terms of monetization and engagement,” said Nadella.

“This holiday season, we’re bringing a big lineup of content and exclusives with three AAA games including Halo Infinite, available through a Game Pass subscription.” Although not clearly mentioned, the other two should be Forza Horizon 5 and Age of Empires IV.

“We’ll also bring jcloud ogos through consoles for the first time, allowing Xbox users to discover the game via streaming and be able to play hundreds of games with a single click. The cloud is available in 25 countries including Australia, Brazil, Mexico and Japan as of this quarter. We are expanding our opportunities with developers independent, as well as with the best studios. Azure Play Fab updates make it easier for developers to integrate creative marketplaces into games in development. High caliber labels like Bungie and Krafton regularly trust our cloud to boost their games. “

In short, the same CEO of Microsoft seems to be confident in the near future of Xbox, waiting to see what will happen during the end of the year. CFO Amy Hood also reported that the gaming division’s year-on-year growth is expected to be “in the top half of the individual figure”, or between 6% and 9%, also considering Xbox Series X|S sales will continue to be affected by the scarcity of units available on the market. In any case, growth in the Xbox content and services division, which also includes the Xbox Game Pass, is expected to be around 15% thanks to the arrival of new games.