Xbox: More than Thirty Exclusive Games in 2022 for an Insider

By 2022, Xbox will have more than thirty exclusive games, all available from launch at Xbox Game Pass. This was said by insider Colteastwood, who specified how the games will come from Xbox Game Studios’ own studios, from third parties with which Microsoft has entered into specific agreements (let’s imagine temporary exclusivity) and from studios in the process of acquisition.

Some of these titles are already known, such as Starfield, STALKER 2 or Anacrusis, while others have not yet been announced. Also, according to the insider, there will be some really big ads, of which, however, he did not provide any details.

According to him, 2022 will definitely bury the cliché that there are no games on the Xbox, putting Microsoft’s ecosystem in the forefront. Colteastwood also showed some of the games coming to Xbox in a video, of course, just those already announced and known.

In fact, there seems to be something for everythings including platforms, sports games, first person shooters, adventures and so on. In addition, there are indie, AA and AAA, for the delight of those who love all kinds of production. What remains to be seen is the unannounced titles, which we hope will significantly enrich the Xbox line-up, which for 2022 promises to be truly explosive.