Xbox One and Xbox 360 are now eight and sixteen years old respectively.

Microsoft has been putting all the attention on the original Xbox for the past week due to its celebration of its 20th anniversary, but both Xbox One and Xbox 360 are also celebrating birthdays today, completing eight and sixteen years old, respectively. Congratulations to you both!

O Xbox 360 was released on November 22, 2005 and began with a famous launch event called Zero Hour, in which participants traveled to a military hangar in the Mojave Desert.

O Xbox One, in turn, had an infamous and shaky start on November 22, 2013, after a tumultuous pre-release period in which initial suggestions about an always-on console and awkward rules of playing used games significantly damaged the brand from the start, and ultimately led to the departure of the then Xbox boss, Don Mattrick.

Both consoles, however, have given us some amazing games over the years, along with industry-defining features like dashboards, Xbox Live group chats, Xbox Game Pass, backwards compatibility, and much, much more.

While many look at Xbox One as the ugly duckling of history, it was thanks to him that he marked the entry of Phil Spencer bringing with it backwards compatibility, buying from studios like Obsidian and Ninja Theory, and also acquiring Bethesda as the biggest buy in the industry so far. It was also the rise of the Forza Horizon brand and the return of Rare with its most successful game, Sea of Thieves. It wasn’t easy for Spencer, but we believe he’s making it.

Therefore, by celebrate birthdays Xbox 360 and Xbox One today, both were important for us here right now. We want to know your favorite memories with both consoles. Was playing Halo 3 multiplayer mode with friends? Seeing Ryse: Son of the Rome for the first time on Xbox One and marveling at how incredible the visuals were? everyone has a story, so we want to know yours!