Xbox One can now run next-gen games without installing them, but it still has a trick.

If you thought your Xbox One would be out of date soon, don’t worry. This week, Microsoft announced that you can use it to play Xbox Series X|S games, with the graphic improvements of the new generation and no need to download or install anything, accessing it instantly. In fact, you can even play games without taking up space on your Xbox Series S.

What witchcraft is this? No. Question of a cloud. As Microsoft announced a few months ago, the Xbox Cloud Gaming is now available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S after going through the Insider program. It is currently in beta and only in some territories, but those who have access can now enjoy the game in the cloud with no downloads and no waiting.

However, despite Xbox Cloud Gaming being available in Brazil, Microsoft has not yet released it to Brazilian consoles. We don’t know why, but we believe it’s the high usage we make here, and the company wants to expand the servers so they don’t form long queues when using the service.

What’s the trick to using it?

  • Well, as it’s not available in Brazil yet, you’ll have to go to your console’s settings and change his region to United States, for example, and then you can play titles like The Medium. You can also run Forza Horizon 5 in higher quality on Xbox One.

Once the region is changed, just look for the cloud icon that is next to the consoles and you can play them. You must also have an active account with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

A good way to play the Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox One, as well as future versions designed for the duo Series, but the simulation game above will only make it to xCloud in 2022.

Another step in Microsoft’s strategy of democratizing new gaming experiences, bringing them closer to all types of devices through the Game Pass. Enjoy!