Xbox plays with possible second season of ‘Round 6’ from Netflix

Unless you’ve lived in a cave, Netflix’s Round 6 has become something of a cultural phenomenon lately. Since launching last month, the Korean series has made a good impression here in the West, as well as becoming a big talking point and influence for memes. O Xbox now it’s springing into action, humorously waiting for it to make an appearance in season two.

For those who don’t know, each of the Round 6 antagonists wears a unique mask. The symbols on them are a variety of different shapes, like squares and circles, but the inclusion made viewers notice a comparison with the famous four iconic PlayStation symbols.

Obviously, Xbox also wanted to join in the fun and, in hopes of making it to season two, created her own vision of what clothes would look like..

It’s just a little fun, but it’s a humorous take on how popular the series has become. A few weeks ago, no one had ever heard of Round 6, and now big brands like Xbox are representing it with memes and other cultural references.

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