Xbox publishes 1999 letter on how much it tried to buy Nintendo

It was revealed earlier this year that Microsoft had tried to buy Nintendo at the turn of the millennium, and now a letter from that period has been published by the Xbox team in the new Xbox Virtual Museum.

The letter is from october 1999 and unfortunately most of it is obscured as you can see below. Here’s what we can do with that though, with the transcript provided by the Eurogamer staff:

“Dear Jacqualee, Thank you for taking the time to try to arrange a meeting with Mr. Takeda and Mr. Yamauchi to discuss a possible strategic partnership between Nintendo and Microsoft on future video game platforms. I understand Mr. Takeda’s concerns about the possible partnership and will try [obscurecido] the guidelines he requested. “

It then makes a reference to ‘Dolphin‘, which was the code name of the Nintendo GameCube, and says something about a “strategic alliance to work together on the future video game [obscurecido”. Também faz referência a “[continuação] of development on our Xbox project”.

According to former Xbox team member Kevin Bachus in a Bloomberg interview last January Nintendo “laughed a lot” with the idea of ​​being acquired at the time. Nintendo would then have taken a trip to Microsoft in January 2000 to discuss a possible joint venture, but again it failed.

What do you think of this bold attempt to acquire Nintendo 20 years ago? Let us know below.