Xbox: September update available, new Edge browser compatible with Stadia and Discord

Microsoft has released the September update for the Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One consoles system software, which comes with a number of cool new features, including the new navegador Edge Chromium which allows access to Google Stadia and Discord directly from the consoles.

The update requires downloading about 800 MB and updates the Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One firmware to the new version, which contains many interesting new features.

Among them, there is a new “Play later” option, which makes it easier to keep track of the games we’re interested in, but we can’t play right away.

By entering them in “Play later”, a sort of additional list is created that puts some order in the backlog, keeping in mind those titles we are interested in and would like to play as soon as we complete the remaining games in progress.

The most interesting thing about the new September update, however, is probably the new version of Edge browser, based on Chromium, which opens up new possibilities for use on Xbox. Available for six months now to Insider users, the new version of Edge is now available to all users.

As we’ve seen, being based on Chromium allows the use of previously inaccessible applications, such as the ability to use the Google Stadia, but also the GeForce Now, which opens up very interesting perspectives. Previously, we saw, for example, on Xbox go Death Stranding e Valheim through GeForce Now , or Days Gone on Xbox Series X, all via the new Edge browser. The latter also allows the use of Discord.

As for appearance, the new Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One Edge appears virtually identical to the one visible on PC and Mac, or even mobile, with the addition of vertical tab and Collections functionality, plus the ability to sync your browser by through your Microsoft account with all other devices. There is also support for mouse and keyboard.