Xbox Series beats PlayStation 5 in top US sales month of the year

We already knew that the Xbox Series S it had been the best-selling console on Black Friday, but now we have data covering the entire month of November in the United States, which by the way is the biggest gaming market on the planet. This time, the Microsoft managed to beat Sony.

In particular, November is the big month for sales, as Americans buy game consoles to give away as gifts. And this year, the Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series X|S consoles are dominating sales: Nintendo alone sold more than 1 million Switch consoles in November, the company said on Monday.

Microsoft followed Nintendo with its Xbox Series X and Series S consoles coming in second, and the popular PlayStation 5 from Sony coming in last place. A determining factor here is availability.

“It’s all about inventory,” said NPD Group video game analyst Mat Piscatella. “The console with the most units on the market will lead the charts. This will likely be the case for a long time.

Another important point is the price: The Nintendo Switch starts at US$200 for the Lite model and starts at US$350 for the new OLED version. Microsoft’s Xbox Series S console starts at $300 and, unlike the more expensive Xbox Series X (which costs $500), is easier to find.

Also, the Playstation 5 had a year-end basically no games of their own, while Microsoft released Forza Horizon 5 e Halo Infinite – two highly popular franchises. We still don’t have the numbers for Halo Infinite, but Forza Horizon 5 has already surpassed 12 million players in just under a month, a record for Xbox Game Studios.

Ultimately the Xbox Series S is selling very well and is living up to its expectations for Microsoft as it offers greater availability, affordability and great games at this time. The Xbox Series X is also selling a lot, but it is constantly out of stock.