Xbox Series X wins PS5 on Twitter – it’s the most popular console

The Xbox Series X is the most popular console in the Twitter, surpassing the PS5 and Nintendo Switch, according to a study carried out on the famous social network. There’s a lot of love for the Microsoft platform in the form of tweets, in short.

According to surveys, in terms of reputation and affection on Twitter it turns out that the Xbox Series X is being considered the most loved by the “feeling” of users. Not even Nintendo with its popular Switch could surpass Microsoft this time around.

Specifically, the Xbox Series X Received Most Positive Reviews This Year PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and many of the previous generation consoles. He was also much more talked about because of the variety of his games throughout the year.

As for the most popular games on Twitter, FIFA 22 was the top-rated title online, followed by Final Fantasy XIV e Forza Horizon 5. Playground Games has been a strong standout for the Xbox for its highly acclaimed racing game.

Halo Infinite has been viewed with skepticism for some time, but the launch was only last month and so we will see the effects of the excellent reception received in the coming weeks. For now, the last few days that should increase Halo’s popularity due to its release have not yet been counted.

In addition to these aspects, the study also reveals which consoles pollute the most: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 5 occupy the top three positions, Xbox One is in eighth place while Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S occupy fifth position .