Xbox Series X with new price appears in national retail, but is already sold out

It’s not easy to get an Xbox Series X, and it’s almost a year since its launch in the late 2020s. a little more.

Recently, an Xbox Series X tax reduction was announced in Brazil, and its suggested price dropped to R$ 4.399. However, it was very difficult to find it in this amount, but at least today at Magazine Luiza this happened. Unfortunately, as you can see in the image below, the stock is over.

When I bought my Xbox Series X I was very quick and I finished the purchase in about two minutes, when this console appears, usually in about a little more than five minutes it’s all gone. It has to be very fast and register in stores to speed up the process.

O Windows Club will continue to monitor the Xbox Series X stocks in Brazil and alert you to any news on our website and through our social networks.