Xbox Series X|S: Console Scarcity Will Continue In 2022, Says Phil Spencer

The Xbox Series X|S, like many other tech products, is still proving very hard to find on the market and this shortage of available parts will continue into 2022, Phil Spencer said in an interview with The Wrap recently.

In the same interview where we also witness the private curtain in which the CEO da Take-Two, Strauss Zelnick, may have accidentally revealed that subscribers to Xbox Game Pass Reached 30 Million, there was also room for consideration of the current difficulties in console construction by Phil Spencer .

“I think it would be an understatement to just talk about a chip problem,” Spencer explained, “when it comes to getting the parts to build a console today and then getting it to market, we’re talking about a process that involves a series of critical points. I believe that, unfortunately, the problem will remain with us for several months“, said the head of the Xbox division.

According to Spencer, the problem of component scarcity and therefore the availability of consoles on the market will continue “certainly until the end of this year and also during the next year“, he said.

“People have shown that they want this new generation of consoles, they are beautiful machines, both ours and other manufacturers, they are looking for the news. We are working hard to bring them to market, but it will be a challenge that we will have to continue to build and deal with for a while.”

Spencer therefore speaks in general of console production, thus also involving the competition in the speech and consequently Sony with PS5, which is also decidedly hard to find but also PC GPUs. On the other hand, Intel recently reported that PS5, Xbox Series X|S and GPU inventories may be scarce until 2023, but I expect this to be a pessimistic forecast.