Xbox Series X|S sales are higher than any other Xbox, reveals Phil Spencer

Xbox Series X and S sales are currently higher than the previous generation of Xbox, and this is all due to the pandemic: said Phil Spencer in an interview with The New York Times. In this way, it surpassed even the Xbox 360.

Spencer talked a few weeks ago about the semiconductor crisis and how certain factors also influenced the gaming market, making certain products literally unavailable: a situation Spencer knows all too well.

“The substantial growth in gaming has been a surprise for us“, said the head of Xbox. “Available inventories have never been greater, it is the demand that is exaggeratedly high for all of uss.”

“We are currently selling more units of the current generation Xbox, i.e. Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, than any previous generation,” added Spencer.

In short, if and when the situation in international markets normalizes, we expect that between now and the end of the year, most likely the Xbox installed base will be very large: much more than in the past.

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