Xbox Series X|S sells 4 times faster than Xbox One in Japan

For several years Phil Spencer has made significant efforts to seduce the Japanese market. In addition to privileged relationships with some developers and publishers, the head of the American company hopes to improve the image of their consoles on the peninsula. For this, Xbox shows itself during the Tokyo Game Show, benefits from local advertising campaigns and has no hesitation in showing some ambitions for Japan. worth, as the Xbox Series X | S just exceed the 100,000 sales mark in the region!

Therefore, 100,000 new generation machines found buyers in Japan. These are the Famitsu numbers that provide this information, while the Xbox Series X and S surpassed 99,000 consoles sold on October 3rd. A symbolic milestone, but one that nevertheless attests to a Japanese attraction to Microsoft consoles far more important than the Xbox One in its day.

The previous console of the brand took more than 4 years to reach 100,000 consoles. A level that the Xbox Series has barely managed to reach less than a year of marketing, or four times faster. And this, despite an output of about 20,000 machines sold, less than that of the Xbox One, and the shortage still present around the world.

In detail, almost two Xbox Series Xs are sold in the Japanese archipelago for one S Series. The most powerful Xbox gained 63,757 buyers when the S Series peaks 35,387 sales. However, during the week of September 27th to October 3rd, 2021, the trend was reversed with 2,763 Series S sold against 1,372 Series X. One-off effects tied to stock or real passion for the smallest Xbox ever made?

Answer, no doubt, in the coming months to see how the statistics of these two consoles evolve!