Xbox surprises and has just released Halo Infinite multiplayer for everyone

Microsoft is surprising Xbox fans today with an early release of multiplayer Halo Infinite. Rumors of Halo Infinite’s multiplayer release surfaced over the weekend, and Microsoft is now making it official as part of Xbox’s 20th anniversary.

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer mode will be available for everyone to try out today, including access to the first season with all the main maps and battle pass features. 343 Industries, developers of Halo Infinite, began previewing the game’s multiplayer mode in July. A multiplayer preview of Halo Infinite in late September was available to all Xbox gamers. We couldn’t get enough of Halo Infinite’s multiplayer mode, and it felt like an exciting return to form =.

November 15 marks 20 years since the original Xbox debuted alongside Halo: Combat Evolved. Microsoft announced the early release of Halo Infinite multiplayer mode during a special anniversary streaming celebrating the 20th anniversary.

It’s no surprise that the Xbox event featured Halo heavily today, after more than 81 million copies of Halo games have been sold all around the world. It’s a popular franchise that saw more than 3 million Halo: The Master Chief Collection players on PC and Xbox One during its launch week.

Halo Infinite multiplayer will be available to everyone on Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X and PC for beta testing today. This beta includes access to the first season with all the main maps and battle pass features. Any progress in multiplayer will also carry over to the release day on December 8th.