Xbox: The 20th Anniversary Show Will Not Be Missed, According to Jez Corden

Microsoft will make a special show to mark the 20th anniversary of Xbox in November 15th and Jez Corden, journalist for Windows Central, will be a real event unmissable, even if it doesn’t contain the ads for the new games.

Obviously, even in this case it’s just a rumor, not coming from an official source, but Jez Corden is considered very trustworthy., for being historically close to Microsoft environments and likely to sources that can provide accurate information.

What is reported can therefore be both good and bad news, as very interesting content is expected, but there will be no surprises with advertisements for unknown titles.

However, this does not mean that there will not be very interesting news, as what is reported is only about the absence of unannounced games. Therefore, there could be room for the games already announced, and so, perhaps with new trailers and material about titles that are particularly anticipated by Xbox users, as well as likely news about the Xbox Game Pass.

Microsoft has already announced several games and it really doesn’t make sense to announce more at this point. It would be much more interesting to see details of titles already revealed – and there are several.

It should also be taken into account that, soon, The Game Awards 2021 will also take place, scheduled for December 10, 2021 and which should also bring some news. It’s possible that Microsoft intends to reserve something big for this occasion, for which there’s already been talk of a possible trailer for Hellblade 2, for example, which would likely take away space for high-caliber presentations during the ‘birthday event, so we hope to know most.