Xbox: user refuses to change 360-era gamerpic, Microsoft fixes the image

A particular story emerged these days and it all happened via Twitter, from a user who publicly complained that his gamerpic profile is now frowned upon, being taken from the era of Xbox 360, and ended with a Xbox official engineer saw this and decided he cared a lot, and then tweaked the image to work in the new interface.

In itself it has little public relevance, but the way the problem developed is undoubtedly pleasant and involves the community until it is resolved.. User Gabriel Roland started the issue with the tweet below: “With each passing generation, Xbox tries to humiliate my Pac-Man ghost avatar by reducing it in size. More and more. I do not give up. I bought this gamerpic for 80 Xbox Points in 2006 and I don’t want it to be the best dollar I’ve ever spent until the oceans boil,” says the message.

The problem is that with the progressive increase in resolution, old images imported as gamerpic into Xbox Live user profiles become smaller and smaller and invisible, if not officially updated and optimized for higher resolutions.

What’s even more comical, however, is the fact that the Xbox engineer, Eden Marie, took the matter seriously and embarked on particularly hard work to try adapt the image to new interface standards. Marie also illustrated on Twitter pretty much every step taken to solve the problem, starting with buying the same image pack so she could experience it firsthand, noting that it now costs $2.38.

At the end of a long and complex process, which also led to the discovery that PNG images used as game images can maintain transparency effects, as well as historical digressions on some background in the development of the interface, such as the fact that “a long one Some time ago, someone decided that no matter how big you wanted a gamerpic, on Xbox 360 it couldn’t exceed the size of 72×72 pixels, with the space around it filled with a shaded version of the same image.

Eventually the issue was resolved., to Roland’s delight, who also praised him for never having seen such speed in solving the problem, with Marie responding that “It helped a lot that your initial report made me laugh”.