Xbox would be looking to buy “bigger fish” to be announced soon

The drought for new Microsoft studios may be about to end, as the company may announce new acquisitions soon. Acquisitions that, on the other hand, would be “bigger fish” than those that are usually purchased. During the Xbox Era podcast, interesting details about Microsoft’s possible moves were given. As its attendees commented, it’s quite possible that Microsoft will change tabs soon and announce new studios. The announcement, if it arrives, would be very similar to the announcement of the acquisition of Bethesda-Zenimax that took place last year, consisting of an official post released on any given day, but without taking advantage of events or major events.

However, as Nick Shpeshal commented, Microsoft’s purchases are a little more complicated than it might seem, especially if they point to big name signings, given the legal ramifications that arise from them. Consequently, Microsoft’s buy and sell operations are not instantaneous, but considered, the result of extensive negotiations.

Microsoft is looking for bigger fish”. But Microsoft takes a more legalistic perspective when it comes to signing studios; when it’s done with one, it’s done with greater scrutiny. For them it’s not as simple as arriving and buying a studio overnight, as they take into account license conflicts depending on who they buy. (…) I don’t think Microsoft will be waiting much longer, but I think what they’re doing will take a little longer,” he commented on the podcast.