Xbox’s Sarah Bond shares beautiful image from The Outer Worlds

Bond, Sarah Bond for many may even be Phil Spencer’s successor as surely (and unfortunately) one day he will have to retire. She is increasingly engaged on social media and one of her latest publications is related to Obsidian’s acclaimed The Outer Worlds.

The Outer Worlds is the latest Obsidian Entertainment title that was released in 2019 and is highly acclaimed by the public and critics. At the time the game had not yet received financial support from Microsoft, so we hope that its sequel will be even better as a AAA.

The Outer Worlds is a game where you can kill any NPC, and everything has consequences, freedom is giant and the story is critical of large corporations. You travel through a star system of ships, satellites, planets and asteroid solving missions your way, with complete freedom and with breathtaking views like the one Sarah just shared:

The Outer Worlds 2 will come in a new star system with new characters, and yes, we believe you will say goodbye to the charismatic Parvati and the rest of the crew. We are curious to know what the next journey will be like.