You can now claim Halo Infinite multiplayer rewards thanks to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Microsoft ended 2021 in a big way with Xbox Game Studios and major releases like Forza Horizon 5 in November and Halo Infinite in early December, both of which are excellent games that have garnered both criticism and criticism from the gaming community.

Specifically, this new Halo title was the Master Chief’s great return for its excellent campaign that continues the events after the last game and the move from multiplayer to the free-to-play format, a first contact of the studio with this format and which is helping the community to grow rapidly.

While the key new content still seems a bit far from reaching the different sections of the game, we’ve seen since launch how cosmetic content has been added to customize our Spartan, our weapons and vehicles for the games.

If you are a subscriber to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you can temporarily redeem certain rewards that are activated for a certain time, something that already happened at the beginning of December and it has been confirmed that today we will have them available again until February 8. This time we can get a skin for our Warthog, an XP boost and an exchange of challenges.

This is all just the beginning and there’s still a lot to come for Halo Infinite, something we really want to see.