Zenimax Online Studios could be working on several AAA games for Xbox and PC

Microsoft has many studios under its guard, and after the acquisition of Bethesda’s parent, this number has grown considerably. One of them is the ZeniMax Online Studios, responsible for The Elder Scrolls Online and Fallout 76, has several great games in development.

Well, and how do we know that? It turns out that all of this can be deduced at least from a creative director’s résumé and a level designer’s job description.

FaizShaikh7681 points out that a creative director has been working on a “epic new AAA-IP” since February 2018, while the wanted level designer is talking about a AAA service game in pre-production. A new game engine must also be worked on for a new IP.

We have no idea what these games might be, and we’ll have to wait for Microsoft to at least reveal one of these projects at some event. pay attention to the Windows Club that we’re going to give you everything.